We’re all guilty of holding on to some things for a bit too long. If you’re feeling like your home is overrun with things that should have been thrown away years ago, calling a junk removal company is a great way to do it with little actual work on your part. However, if you know that you want to keep, sell or donate some of the items, but just don’t know where to start, we have some tips for you.

Start Big

One of the easiest ways to feel like you’re making progress is to start with big items. If you have old furniture, holiday decorations or even large boxes that you need to decide what to do with, start with those. Take pictures and immediately post the items you want to sell or give away in a neighborhood give-sell-trade group. The faster you can be rid of large items, the more progress you’ll feel you’re making. If these items aren’t fit for people to use, tag them for your junk removal company.

Open Boxes

Chances are if you’ve been in your home more than a few years and still have unopened boxes that they’re full of things you don’t really need. However, if you can’t tell by the label what’s in the box, open it up and then clearly mark it for disposal if that’s what you’re doing with it. If the contents belong to your kids who have long since moved out, snap a picture and ask them what they want to do with the items and suggest they take it home their next visit.

Empty Closets

One of the fastest ways to get rid of things you don’t need is to completely empty a closet and only put back what you want and need. You may be surprised at the number of too small shoes, mismatched gloves or other things that really shouldn’t be in your home anymore. Cleaning out all your closets may give you some much needed storage space you didn’t even know you already had.


Whether you decide to start the cabinet junk removal from your kitchen or bathroom, no doubt there will be plenty of trash and perhaps some give away items. Things like towels that aren’t good for people are great to donate to animal shelters or rescues. Expired medicine should be set aside and taken to a collection site. As for the mis-matched storage containers, recycle or throw them away.

Now that you’ve looked around your home, do you need the help of a junk removal company? They can take care of all the garbage you realize you have in your home. You won’t have to move boxes or carry furniture out. Just call Pitch Crew at (571) 200-7851. We’ll come in and follow your instructions regarding the piles or rooms that have items you want gone. We’re available on short notice and at very affordable rates.